GPS Tracking Devices – We are the leading security innovation providers of automated technological systems for remote GPS Tracking, Monitoring and Management in Asia.

gps tracking device malaysia

Track your devices on the go, anywhere and at any time

  • Receive real-time alerts.

  • View the location of your devices.

  • Get all the details about each device.

  • View your list of notifications.

  • View each notification’s details and location

JA Security and Innovations

gps tracking device malaysia

GPS Tracking Device Systems are commonly used by logistics companies, fleet operators for fleet management functions such as fleet tracking, routing, dispatching, on-board information and security, as well as individuals. JA Security is an innovative company based in Singapore and Malaysia, with a focus on real-time monitoring solutions. We provide a wide range of solutions, particularly GPS Tracking Device for vehicles, shipping containers, assets and people as well as RFID Solutions. Our solutions are aimed at creating potential savings in fleet running costs, increasing productivity and improving customer service.

Fleet Management (FleetWatch):

When managing a fleet of vehicles, knowing the real-time location of all drivers allows management to meet customer needs more efficiently.

Portable Tracking Devices (TrackMe):

allow easy monitoring of loved ones, valuable assets or are used for covert tracking purposes.

Container Tracking (FreightCheck):

ensure supply chain visibility and superior customer service.

RFID Cabinet (SmartCabinet):

allow real-time tracking of inventory and security

GPS Tracking Device Technology

gps tracking device malaysia

All of our systems’ GPS tracking device are ISO-9002 certified and are certified with global standards in the industry. The GPS Tracking Device utilize both GPS + Glonass allowing tracking to be done by a group of 55 satellites globally. In addition, we work around the fact that a city like Singapore and Kuala Lumpur is surrounded by huge buildings and MRT systems, by tapping on Assisted GPS (A-GPS), that using the cellular network, i.e. Singtel or Maxis network to pinpoint the device location.
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gps tracking device malaysia