Children GPS Tracker Malaysia

children gps tracker malaysia

Losing a child in a shopping mall in Singapore or Malaysia, crowded area or overseas can be the scariest experience for a parent. Even though parents have the responsibility of keeping an eye on their children, what can they do when their kid wanders away or is kidnapped?

  • How can you as a parent quickly locate your child when they are lost?
  • What are some methods of placing a GPS Tracker on your child?


TrackMe Compact GPS Tracking for Children:

With our smallest GPS Tracker, parents can drop the device in their children’s school bag or permanently sew a pocket to hold the device. The location of the child can then be quickly identified from the computer or a smartphone with our exclusive tracking app.

The device also has a Panic Button, and parents who prefer their children to keep the device in their pockets can train them to press the SOS button in an event of an emergency.

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JA is in the process of working with a Bag Manufacturer to sew the TrackMe Compact device or TrackMe Forever device with the bag. There will be a small opening for the charging cable to be inserted. The bag will be ready by 2016!

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